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Online Safety and Cyber Bullying 

"Overthorpe is more than just a school - we are the heart of the community. We nurture the courage and skills to fly higher than the flock, whilst always providing a nest to come home to."

Our pupils' safety is our main priority. We aim to keep them as safe as possible in our nest, however the online world can take them out of our comfort zones and encourage them to explore independently. Nowadays, children are online often and it can be very worrying for parents who are not familiar with the apps that are being used. Some guides and websites are linked below to help you to keep your child safe online on devices such as phones, ipads, tablets, kindles and laptops. 

In school, we educate children from Reception to Year 6 on how to stay safe online and how to react to any cyber bullying. Children are taught to minimise their screens or take a screen shot and to show the worrying page or message to a trusted adult. They are taught to not respond to things that worry them, or that may be risky or harmful and to talk instead to a trusted adult. They are taught to be good online citizens and to treat others with respect, following our Christian values just as they would in person. All children are to taught to report concerns and KS2 in particular know how to report to CEOP using the reporting tool identified on most common apps. 

If you have concerns regarding your child's online activities, please speak to your child's class teacher, our Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mrs Walker) or our Online Safety Lead (Mr Emmerson).


Overthorpe C of E Online Safety Policy


Please also check our e-safety termly newsletter and update on Class Dojo for parents as well as these helpful resources: 

This is an excellent site, providing guides for many current apps including Fortnite, Minecraft, Snapchat, TikTok, Whatsapp, Fifa 20 and Facebook.  It also provides guidance on phone use, cyber-bullying and online grooming.



These sites also provide valuable information for parents and carers, as well as guidance for pupils.




The link below is an excellent resource on 'digital parenting'.  It looks at the risks of taking a 'selfie', advice for parents on setting up controls for search engines and information about online bullying, stranger danger and in-app purchase.