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Overthorpe CofE Academy

Edge Top Road, Dewsbury, WF12 0BH

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Overthorpe CofE Academy

Believe, enjoy, achieve.

We are proud to be a Church School.

This is our vision and our Christian school values.

'Overthorpe is more than a school-

We are the heart of the community.

In our family, we nurture the courage,

And skills to fly higher than the flock,

Whilst always providing a nest,

To come home to.'



In 2020 we developed a brand new school vision which reflected where we were on our journey.  We wanted a vision which reflected our passion for our community and our rich Christian values. We talked to a wide range of people from our Overthorpe family to begin the process of finding the 'heart' of Overthorpe. To do this we needed a vision that reflects what we feel collectively is important for the children, staff, parents, governors and community of Overthorpe. Discussions, training, workshops took place  throughout the Autumn term to find out what Overthorpe meant to those whom we serve. 

It was very clear that all stakeholders came up with three common themes...

  1. We are more than a school.
  2. We support everyone to do their best.
  3. We are always there to help. 

We found many references to birds in the Bible and our pupils liked how the metaphor of a bird showed them "soaring like eagles, and flying higher than the flock".  Our staff and pupils chose the quote below as the one that most reflected our school. 

We translated this into the vision for the school. We feel this now reflects the heart and soul of Overthorpe, with our strong community links, desire to give everyone the opportunity the thrive and reach their potential, whilst always being there to support each other. 

Our vision is apparent all through school - every child (and lots of family members, visitors and staff) have painted a bird which is shown in flight on our walls. Our birds head towards the nest in the hall and when we join as one for collective worship, we bring our class bird toys to sit in the nest and show that we are present. 

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