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Owls Wrap-around Care

Our Overthorpe OWLs wrap-around care is available from 7.30am each morning until 6pm each evening during the school term. Our OWLs leader is Sonia Duxbury and OWLs is based in Our Neighbourhood Nest. 

This facility is open to all pupils, from our 2 year olds up to our Year 6 children. 

Please phone the School Office or Sonia on 07749 005987 for further information. 


A Typical morning at OWLs:

Children are dropped off by parents after 7.30am and signed in. They play with their friends in the provision - this may include reading, table football, small world play, dressing up, drawing, colouring, craft, listening to music or in warmer months playing outside. 

Breakfast of toast, cereal and juice is provided at 8am for those who wish to have it. 

Children then play again until 8.45am, where they are walked down to classes by the OWLs leaders. 


A Typical Evening at OWLs:

OWLs leaders collect children from classes at 3.30pm and walk them up to Our Neighbourhood Nest. 

Children play or take part in organised games or craft activities until it is tea-time. 

If they are staying for tea, they will be given a light meal such as pasta. fish fingers and waffles, tacos with a pudding and a drink. 

Parents collect and sign the children out before 6pm. 

If a child attends an after-school club, they will be collected by OWLs leaders from school at the end of the club.



Mornings:  £4.50 for drop off between 7,30am and 7.45am,    £4 drop off after 7.45am

Afternoons: £3.50 collection before 4.30pm, without tea.      £7 for pick up after 4.30, includes tea.

If your child would like to include this facility in their offer of 30 hours for two-year-olds, please speak to Mrs Symes, our Early Years Lead,  through the School Office on 01924 325300 and we may be able to facilitate your request. 


Parents are invoiced weekly via ParentPay for outstanding OWLs fees.