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Khalo Class: Year 2 

Welcome to Summer in Khalo Class!

There will be a separate theme each week for this half term.

Week  6 Beginning  6Th July



Hello everyone,

This week you should all find out which class you will be joining in September.

Your new teachers will be in touch with you on Wednesday, so make sure your grown-ups have downloaded the Class Dojo App. Your teacher will invite you to a new class ready for September. On Friday they will send you a video with a little task to do for them.

School will have changed for everybody.

Change is part of life, so this week we will be looking at all kinds of changes in home-learning.


 Please answer the Overthorpe Lockdown Questions. These have been sent by Conrad Burdekin, the poet you worked with earlier in the year. He is going to write a special Overthorpe Lockdown poem using your ideas- so make your answers interesting!

Don’t forget to keep posting home learning on this year’s class dojo.

:Challenge 1 Resources:

Challenge 2 Resources:

Challenge 3 Resources:

Challenge 4 Resources:

Challenge 5 Resources:

Extra  Activities:

If you would like to complete some extra maths activities throughout the week, there are also a number of websites that are Maths related that you could use. These include Numbots, TT Rockstars, My Mini Maths, Topmarks (particularly Hit the Button) and Nrich for Maths Investigations. 

Welcome to Khalo Class. We are Year 2!

Our teacher is Mr Motala and our teaching assistant is Mrs Bradford.

Mrs Mohamed and Mr Caddick teach us RE and PE on a Thursday afternoon.

We all believe in enjoying our learning and working together to be the best that we can be.



Latest Newsletters


During the next term our topic is, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Over the holidays a band of Pirates tried to destroy our classrooms, but thankfully our return to school interrupted them. During the term we will read Pirate stories and write about them, we will research famous pirates, we will make maps and we will set sail for the Caribbean, where we will compare the UK to a different country. We will sing pirate songs, make pirate music, draw and paint pirates and Caribbean landscapes and even create our own money!

We are going to be very busy!’

Key Information for Key Stage One ...

PE Days

We have PE on Thursday. Your child will need navy shorts and white t-shirt or leotard. For outdoor PE your child should have some suitable footwear such as trainers on this day. No jewellery, including earrings, is permitted for PE. Children need to remove these or cover them with tape. We also require that long hair is tied up for these lessons.

Home Reading and Homework

It is vitally important that your child reads at home regularly and learns to love reading. We believe that this is essential for your child to understand and access all other subjects.  Please return book bags and home reading books daily for changing. Children will change these books by themselves to encourage independence however they will be monitored to ensure their reading books are pitched at the correct level. We would like you to hear your child read at least 3 times a week. Your child will receive homework on Fridays and we would like it to be returned on Wednesdays.

Water Bottles

We would encourage your child to bring a labelled water bottle to school, so that they can keep hydrated throughout the day. We ask that pencil cases and toys not be brought into school. Finally, please ensure that all jumpers and cardigans have names in.

Pencil cases and toys are not permitted in Years 1 and 2 and should not be brought into school. Neither should any other personal belongings unless when agreed beforehand.

Outdoor learning

We are very excited to now have our Years 1 and 2 classes located at the bottom end of school. This means that we will have easy access to outdoor learning opportunities. We will be looking to take advantage of this as much as possible. Therefore, please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor activities such as coats and hats when cold and sun cream in the summer months.