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Monet Class: Years 5 and 6

Enjoy the Easter Break!

Please note: During the Easter break staff will not be uploading home learning activities onto the class pages. We have added a page of Easter activities that you can complete over the holiday if you wish (Easter Activity Page) but remember to spend time together as a family over the next two weeks and use them as if this was a normal school holiday.

Staff may also be a little slower replying to messages on class dojo however school is still open for children of key workers so if you have something urgent you need to speak to a member of staff about please contact school on 01924 325300 or via email.

Good morning Monet,  Friday here, already. Have a great Easter. Please keep in touch with Class Dojo,  always good to hear from you.

Joke of the day 11.


 5/4 of people admit that they’re bad with fractions.


Think about it! haha

1) Suggested time table for home learning. 

2) Activities for non screen learning and skills that might not be taught in school.

3) Topic homework for Y5 and 6

4) English for Y6 will be placed here.

 Fiction Reading Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Non Fiction Reading Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Poetry Reading Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Reading Revision Mat Guidance.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Advertise Your Town.pdfDownload
 Task 10 A First Visit.pdfDownload
 Task 2 The Ascent.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Film Review.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Letter to Your MP.pdfDownload
 Task 5 Continue the Story.pdfDownload
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5) English for Y5 will be placed here.

 Fiction Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Non Fiction Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Poetry Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Reading Revision Mat Guidance.pdfDownload
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6) Y6 Maths work will be placed here.

7) Y5 Maths will be placed here.

Welcome to Monet Class. We are a mixture of Years 5 and 6!


We would like to welcome your child to their new class. 

Our classes in Years 5 and 6 are called Kandinsky (Year 5), Monet (Year 5/6) and Banksy (Year 6) after famous artists. 

In Monet class, the teacher is Mr. Stone and the teaching assistant is Mrs O’Kell.


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During the next term our topic is, Whodunnit?

We will take part in an initial Hook Day that will involve a member of staff being kidnapped. This will lead us to conduct investigations to try to track down the criminal. As a part of our end purpose, we will visit the Magistrates Court in Dewsbury to learn about how local crime and punishment has changed throughout the years.

We will create our own science experiments to ensure that we gather enough evidence and intelligence so that we can put the accused on trial. In our Theme lessons we will also cover Crime and Punishment through the ages, covering from the Roman times to the Tudors and beyond. We will read ‘Gangsta Granny’ by David Walliams. 

In addition to the lessons outlined on the website, we will work outdoors with Mr Maguire and in cooking lessons with Miss Parker. Mr Caddick and Mrs Mohamed teach us on Wednesday afternoons.

Key Information for Years 5 and 6 ...

PE Days

We have PE on Wednesdays. Your child will need a white T shirt, black shorts and either trainers or pumps on this day.  You are more than welcome to send a PE kit into school at the start of each half term and leave it on your child’s peg until the end of the half term if you wish.

Class Dojo

Ask your child about their class dojos. These are points awarded for good behaviour. Sign up for our parent app with a code from your class teacher, so that you can track your child’s dojo online

Home Reading and Homework

It is vitally important that your child reads at home regularly and learns to love reading. We believe that this is essential for your child to understand and access all other subjects.  Please return book bags and home reading books daily for changing and aim to read at least 3 times per week to an adult at home. 

Your child will receive a purple homework book which will contain the topic homework for the unit. Your child should select tasks which interest them from the “menu” of options and work on them over the term.

We will also send weekly spellings and number facts home to practise on Fridays. You should be spending a maximum of 20 - 30 minutes on spellings and maths facts each week for homework.  If you feel that weekly homework is taking longer than this, please speak to your class teacher. Our homework policy is available for you to view on the school website.

Water Bottles and Pencil Cases

We would encourage your child to bring a labelled water bottle to school, so that they can keep hydrated throughout the day. Your child is welcome to bring a pencil case to school to use in class. However, they must ensure that their property is easily identifiable and named. They should also understand that they are responsible for this equipment and school cannot be held responsible for personal items being misplaced.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not permitted in school. However, if your child is in Year 6 and needs a phone in school for a valid reason. Please write a letter seeking permission for this from Mr Birkett. If this is authorised by Mr Birkett, the phone can be locked in the school office each day and must not be used until your child is off school premises.

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We regularly post updates, reminders and photos of your child’s class and work on here.

School Jotter App

Download the School Jotter App onto your phone so that we can send you newsletters and messages digitally. Ask in the school office for further information.