We have developed a child-centred thematic curriculum that is creative, inclusive and varied. In line with our Academy Aims the curriculum we deliver teaching which develops the children’s individual abilities and interests, ensuring all achieve their potential. We do this by using a variety of teaching methods and by taking account of children’s different learning styles. We also take note of what interests and motivate children, and adapt our lessons and curriculum to accommodate this.


We provide a personalised curriculum, where needed, to ensure that all children make great progress, including those identified as having Special Educational Needs and children with exceptional ability/gifted and talented.


We focus on the basic skills of literacy and mathematics as the foundation for all our learning. ICT and technology is embedded into all subjects. Emphasis is also placed on skills for learning. We develop children’s ability to learn independently, work successfully alongside others and gain resilience to succeed in challenging tasks, preparing them for a successful future.


In school the children learn through a themed topic approach based on the National Curriculum requirements, locality and children’s interests.The thematic topics are underpinned by three curriculum drivers that are at the heart of all we do: outdoor learning, enterprise and diversity, with an emphasis on first hand experiences. The topic often begins with a ‘launch event’ and finishes with a ‘learning round up’.. In addition to this they will have a series of memorable learning experiences linked to the topic. This includes: visitors into school, themed dressing-up days, home/school project work, an assembly or a recreated experience in school.


Almost all our writing experiences are done through the theme of the topic to make them meaningful. Some mathematical work is done through the topic theme, but not all of it. The foundation subjects are taught in themed topics which have a geographical or historical focus.


To enable creativity, we link as much as of the topic as possible with art, design and the creative arts. We also provide regular enrichment weeks focusing on creative arts, ensuring children get the opportunity to work with professional artists, musicians and arts specialists to create our own performances and art work.


Please refer to class pages under the Classes pencil for details of the curriculum studied by each year group, each term, in all subjects.