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Overthorpe CofE Academy

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Bronte Class Nursery and Pre School


Welcome to Bronte Pre-School and Nursery!

Our Early Years teachers are Miss Karen Griffiths and Mrs Allott, our child care officers in Pre-School are Mrs Christine Layton and Miss Kylie Okarski and our educational teaching assistants are Miss Emma Wardman, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Knight.

The focus for Pre-School and Nursery is learning through play.  This means that planning and provision are tailored to the children’s current interests and level of development.  This is achieved through careful observations and interactions with the children as they engage in and explore the environment.  These observations provide the foundation for planning stimulating, relevant and interesting play spaces where the children can engage and learn independently, from one another and with the support and encouragement of our dedicated team.   Whilst reading and writing skills are essential the focus in Pre-School and Nursery is to ensure that the children positively develop the core abilities that will enable them to grow into lifelong learners.

As the most important adult(s) in your child’s life outside of school the information that you can share with us is of the upmost importance and value because it allows us to gain a richer and deeper picture of them.  Thank you.